Navio2 can be used like FC for a VTOL

Hi Community
I would like to know if Navio2 can be used like FC for a VTOL,

I am asking due that configuration requires airspeed sensor(connecting via I2C interface), of course I dont know if somebody had experience with that sensor.

Additional to that I am wondering if Navio2 and the current software can handle two GPS{Navio2 has one and externally will be added one via UART interface} and 3 compases{Navio2 has 2 compases, one will be added via I2C interface} all working together at the same time.

Thks for your tips and comments

Hello there!

Here are the instructions. There were a couple of projects in the community with the setup. So you’re all set!

You’ll need a I2C splitter (like this one) to hook up two I2C devices. Other than that, there’s nothing stopping you from building a VTOL on Navio 2.

I’d use a USB-UART, though.