Navio2 camera streamig through Telemtry link

Is it possibile to stream camera data through the radio Telemtry link?

No. Only via WiFi or FPV TX and RX

Hi Riccardo,

The telemetry channel is unable to handle such a big amount of data as a video stream. For this purpose, you can use an external Wi-Fi module for your flight controller and set up an IP stream. Here’s a guide on how to do that with a GCS. It’s the same except that you need to specify your remote’s IP address as a target.

Thanks for the reply. Problem is the limited WiFi range. Also , speaking of the guide, what if the remote IP changes?

Hi Riccardo,

What range you plan to reach with a link?

Hi Ricardo,

You can attach an external Wi-Fi module to Raspberry, just like to any PC, this should enhance the range and signal stability.

On a Raspberry, you need to set up an access point. You can refer to this official Raspberry guide. Access point’s IP is going to be static, thus there should be no IP mix up. After that, you’ll need to connect your PC to it, specify GCS address as described in Navio2’s ArduPilot guide and you are good to go.

Thank you, I’ll try.

I would like to reach at least 2 km, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to establish the connection at 2 kilometers range.

If you want to extend the range you’ll need to use a high gain antenna and an external Wi-Fi module that has a coaxial port for it. Like in the video @Barry_Bolton kindly provided. Stock Wi-Fi module can hardly maintain a connection at a range exceeding 100 meters. This should be done to your ground control station (PC for example) and to Raspberry.

For your drone, the antenna should be omnidirectional. As for the GCS, you may use either omnidirectional or directional. The latter might provide a slightly better connection.

Thank you very much!

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