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Navio2 Arming without RC radio or joystick possible?

(Vladimir Pozniy) #1

I’ve juist finished assembling my 1st build. All the telemetry and control should be done over 3G/LTE. I was not able to arm the drone yet.

In what flight mode would it arm if I’m not using on using RC Radio or even a joystick?

What Parameters should be altred?

PS: I’m using Mission Planner / QGgroundControl on iPad.

(Anton Pryamostanov) #2

Try motor test from Optional Configuration in Mission Planner.

(Vladimir Pozniy) #3

Already tried.
It says “command was denied by the autopilot” error.

(Anton Pryamostanov) #4

maybe it requires radio calibration.

(Vladimir Pozniy) #5

It probably does and that is the question I’m on.

Now I get these errors:

APM: PreArm: RC Roll not configured
APM: No IO Thread Heartbeat
APM: PreArm: Logging Failed

How do I get it to arm without RC at all?

(Anton Pryamostanov) #6

just disable ALL pre-arm checks in Mission Planner.