Navio2 Arming without RC radio or joystick possible?

I’ve juist finished assembling my 1st build. All the telemetry and control should be done over 3G/LTE. I was not able to arm the drone yet.

In what flight mode would it arm if I’m not using on using RC Radio or even a joystick?

What Parameters should be altred?

PS: I’m using Mission Planner / QGgroundControl on iPad.

Try motor test from Optional Configuration in Mission Planner.

Already tried.
It says “command was denied by the autopilot” error.

maybe it requires radio calibration.

It probably does and that is the question I’m on.

Now I get these errors:

APM: PreArm: RC Roll not configured
APM: No IO Thread Heartbeat
APM: PreArm: Logging Failed

How do I get it to arm without RC at all?

just disable ALL pre-arm checks in Mission Planner.

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