NAVIO2 (ArduRover) to motor driver wiring for skid steering?


Trying to build my first rover. I have NAVIO2 (Ardurover) and a DBH-12V Motor Driver to achieve skid steering.

Documentation (closest) I have for the motor driver I have:

Actual part was sourced from here (but looks like wrong documentation):

I am aware that the ArduRover documentation shows skid steering,

But the documentation is not detail enough for a NOOB like me.

I have NAVIO2 RC Output (GND, POWER, SIGNAL) one one end and the other end I have my motor driver (GND, POWER, IN1, IN2, EN, CT). I am guessing the SIGNAL goes to either EN1 or EN2.

Can someone please help me with the wiring diagram? Well, I should also ask do I have the right motor driver? Can anyone suggest a better one from experience?



Ok, I found this:

Seems like I need to reconsider my motor driver choice.

TRex, RoboClaw motor drivers will solve my wiring question:

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