Navio2 Arducopter İnstall

I can’t install navio2 arducopter
Can someone help me how to install?

Hi @zelikerdem.01,

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ArduCopter is already installed on the Navio2 Raspbian image. You can run the emlidtool ardupilot command to enable it. Please check this docs section for more detail.

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Hello @liudmila.slepova :slight_smile: thanks for your answer.
Actually we want to find the way of navio 2 to connect. How are we going to do this?
We already did what you said.

Hi @zelikerdem.01,

I’m not sure I totally understand what you mean. Could you please specify what Navio2 should be connected to? It might help me to provide you with the solution.

I want to connect to navio2 via dronekit


We don’t have a section for DroneKit configuration in our docs, as we usually recommend using ArduPilot with available GCSs to work with Navio2. This way, we can help with the configuration of autopilot and suggest suitable solutions.

Nevertheless, to learn more about working with Dronekit, you can use their detailed wiki. I’d suggest starting with the examples they provide if you’ve never worked with DroneKit before.

@liudmila.slepova thank you for your help.

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