Navio2 and ubuntu

Hello everybody,
Can we use navio2 with other OS, like ubuntu MATE ? i tried to run exemple and i get, dev_number)
FileNotFoundError: [Errno2] No such file or directory
someone can help

Theoretically you can, but the you’ll need to adapt Ubuntu to our specific needs. This includes a lot of non-trivial work. If this is really worth the effort, we can try guiding you through. Is there anything you miss in Raspbian that is present in Ubuntu Mate?

Hi. I also hope to use Navio2 on Ubuntu if possible.
My motivation for that is full ROS support.
Although basic ROS packages are pre-installed in Emlid Raspbian,
some additional packages cannot be installed through apt
(things like ros-kinetic-opencv3 or ros-kinetic-tf, which seems to be dependent on Ubuntu’s packages).

Is there any way to install (at least,) device drivers of Navio2’s sensors/chips on Ubuntu?
(For my own project I don’t need ardupilot.)

I recommend sticking with out image and figure out a couple of caveats rather than changing everything and trying to make it work on another distribution. I’m pretty sure these packages are installable without much hacking. I just googled them and a lot of information popped up.

George. When are you updating your image to latest Ardupilot Release

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