Navio2 and RPLidar A2 connection via USB


I can’t seem to get RPLidar working via USB. Not many resources around it inside the emlid community. So far, I’ve connected the RPLidar to the RPi and am powering it thru RPi as well.

When I try to roslaunch rplidar_ros rplidar.launch I get the following error:

Wondering if anyone has been thru similar issues…

output from dmesg | grep tty

arducopter points to TELEM1 (usp) and TELEM2 (ttyAMA0)

Hi @curiosityrover ,

Looks like the RPLidar was successfully connected to the Raspberry.

Although, there should be more info in the generated log file as the error output does not say much. May I ask you to send the log file, please? It can be helpful in identifying the issue.

Hi @mikhail.goryachev,

see the attached log file. roslaunch-navio-1378.log (12.4 KB)

Hey @curiosityrover,

Unfortunately, that log contains the same information as the terminal’s output. Although, I’ve noticed an error code 11 which stands for memory violation error. There might be a bug in code somewhere or a memory allocation issue.

Since it looks like a ROS issue I’d recommend you checking the ROS forum. There could be some useful information regarding memory errors while using RPLidar.

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