Navio2 and micro minimOSD - NO INPUT DATA

Hi All
I have a little problem with micro minimosd
I try to connect micro minimosd throught UART port with no success…:frowning:
I use 5V TX RX GND pins ( and swap RX->TX of course)
But i get only message NO INPUT DATA
I launch ardu copter with command : ArduCopter-quad -A tcp: > /home/pi/startup_log &
Any ideas what I do wrong ?

I checked few things.
There is no port /dev/ttyAMA0
So whitch linux device /dev/ttyXXX I should use co connect throught UART on Navio2 ?
I ques the command should looks like this:
ArduCopter-quad -A tcp: -C /dev/ttyXXX > /home/pi/startup_log
but I no idea what should be in /dev/ttyXXX
Any help ?
ArduCopter ver 3.4rc4