Navio2 and ESC BLHeli_S

Is BLHeli_S a compatible ESC for Navio2? If yes, how do i connect the wires?

Thank you

Hi Philip,

Based on the device’s specs, it uses the DShot protocol which isn’t supported by Navio2. Navio2 works with the standard PWM.

Which ESC do you recommend that I can use with the Navio2 and Raspberry, given that I want to fly the drone using internet instead of radio.

Hi Philip,

What do you mean by the using internet instead of the radio? You can check the examples of the ESCs that our users used with Navio2 in the corresponding section of the forum to find the one.

There are two ways to control the Drone while it flys, either RC (radio) or internet. so can I control the movements of the drone using internet given that the navio2 will always have wifi?

You may do that but the radius of action is going to be restricted by the Wi-Fi range. It’s much less than the range of a radio.

Should I calibrate the compass and barometer through the command line or through mission planner? Can you provide instruction for the calibration please? Thank you

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