Navio2 AirbotPower compatibility

Hi everybody,

My plan is to build a quad using Navio2 in combination with the AirbotPower module from This power module was designed to work with the Pixhawk autopilot and I’m wondering if I can use it with the Navio2 without any issues. I don’t have the parts yet, I just wanted to make sure they are compatible beforehand.
(1) Is there anybody who is using this combination?

From my understanding and what Hugues at airbotservices told me, the power module will provide 5.3V via the DF13 connector to the Pixhawk. Additionally, 5.3V backup power is provided via the servo rail of the Pixhawk.
(2) Is this the same way the Navio2 is powered?

Airbotservices also told me, that voltage might sometimes be a little higher than 5.3V, say 5.39V or so. From the documentation I read that Navio2 has to get a power supply in the range of 4.8-5.3V. So my third question would be:
(3) Is the 5.3V (or a little higher) input critical for the Navio2/Raspi and will it damage the device?

Maybe someone can help me out,
thanks in advance.


HI Philipp,

It should not be a problem as voltage slightly drops on the wires from the power module to the Navio2.