Navio2 ADC Specification

Hi dear emlid-forum

I tried to find the specs for the Navio2 ADC, but couln’t find it.

  1. What is the ADC resolution?
  2. What is the sampling for each of the 6 channel?
  3. What is the maximal Voltage on A4 - ADC2 (ADC port) and A5 - ADC3 (ADC port)?

Thanks for any hints and suggestions.


@damian.aregger Hi!

  1. ADC has 12-bit resolution.
  2. Currently sampling period is set to 20ms.
  3. Maximum voltage for Navio2 ADC inputs in ADC port is 6.6V (on Navio+ it is 3.3V)

Hi Mikhail
Thank you for your response, Good to have this information. It could be benefitial to the community to place it on

I wonder on which “Signal Channel” the ADC information is going down to the Raspberry.
Do you use the ADC of the STM32F103 and therefore its integrated in the RCIO communication or is it plugged over a dedicated I2C/SPI ADC IC?


STM32 ADC is used and exposed in Linux using sysfs through RC IO driver.

Great stuff. Thanks a lot man.