Navio2 ADC ArduPilot Pin Mappings

Here is what I have found for ADC port to ArduPilot pin mappings. 5v and GND are left out. Please correct if wrong.


Power Port
ADC0->2 (Voltage)
ADC1->3 (Current)

ADC Port

It seems about right. We’ll update the docs, accordingly. Thanks!

thnx a lot, ill add that to my docs :wink:

they only work as inputs, arent they ?!
Are there also digital outputs available at the Navio2 ?
like i have on my apm2.6 e.g. to switch a FET or trigger a camera ?

btw, your docs read differently: (ADC3 and ADC3 inverted) which one is right?
A0 - board voltage(shows 5V),
A1 - servo rail voltage,
A2 - power module voltage,
A3 - power module current,
A4 - ADC3
A5 - ADC2

i think there are a couple DIO on the UART port.

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thnx, but thats not what i meant, those are the GPIO17 and 18 of the rpi
i dont think i can manipulate them using my remote, at least not form the arducopter fimware
im looking for DIOs (as used e.g. in apm.2
can the ADCs of Navio2 also used as DIOs as in the old apm hardware ?

Sure, you can. Is there anything I’m missing out?

No. But you can use GPIO17/18 instead.

how? can you be a little bit more spezific

You can use USERHOOKS feature and GPIOs.

It’d be easier if you could say what is that you’re trying to achieve?

ive this board:
basically two fets and an optocoppler to trigger camera and switch something else (e.g. high power LED)
basically i wanted to use this board at the navio2 for triggering my camera. usually switched via NPN open
collector (at MK-FlightCtrl). Maybe i can use it also with the rpi or Navio2 ?!
any suggestions appreciated