Navio with old analog Transmitter

Does the Navio work with old Zebra 4 Fm analog transmitter and receiver?


It may work with a 6 or more channels FM Tx but we cannot recommend use of such technology, prone to interferences and using long wire antenna. You also need a Serial PPM receiver or PWM to PPM converter.


Me enough 4 ch! But is a simple search for possibilities?
What converter can you suggest me?

4 is not good… You need more channels.

For Rover Is enough

But what converter do you suggest for me?

There are others: google “pwm to ppm converter”


Ok Thanks! I need to connect a RC receiver to navio or work without it?

And this old motor driver work with navio?

Guys Please help Me, need or not the rc receiver for work from computer?
And my old motor driver is ok for navio?

Navio is comming I need you help :frowning:

Need or not need receiver for working?
My motor control work with navio?

R/C is an easy way to set up and configure some settings of the Navio and your rover. With a 6 channels unit you have easy access to that. With only 4 channels, you will have to dig further in the computer settings and hack your R/C Tx.

When all is checked and configured, you can choose to not use R/C but you will have no way to regain control of rover if your telemetry link is broken.


Could work…


Thank you Sír!

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