Navio vs Ardupilot?

I’m new in the drones world. But I decided to start a project with a quadroper and the raspberry pi. I found that I have two options: Navio and Ardupilot boards. Wondering why is Navio better than Ardupilot and what are the disadvantages of it. Also, someone knoo when the Navio will be in stock again? Thanks

Hello Net,

First of all both Ardupilot and Navio run the same software - APM. As a result you get same features in terms of autopilot performance. The main difference is that with Navio APM runs under Linux and that means that you can run your own applications alongside. Ardupilot is a time proven platform while Navio is very flexible and extendable.

New batch of boards is now being made and will be in stock later in January.

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Hi Igor. Thanks for the info.

I made an order for the Navio+.

It will be useful to create a doc explaining the big differences and advantages between boards, like ardupilot, pixhawk or others to have a concrete pictures about Navio+ and do not hesitate to buy it.