Navio using Pixl


i just got the Navio2 to work with the raspberry pi 3. i won’t be mounting it on a drone or anything (it’s going to be used to collect data while being mounted on a cart).

in the raspberry pi config page it says that the Emlid Raspberry Image is required for the Navio2 to work. so this this version of Raspbian actually required? can’t i use the new pixl from raspbian?

after i got the code from github GitHub - emlid/Navio2: C++ and Python sensor examples for developers and tried to run
“python -i mpu”
i get the error in on line 263 saying no such file or directory.

and a similar error when i try “python”

am i getting this because i am not using the version of Raspbian that is recommended by you guys?
i was hoping to use the pixl os because the pi has more thing to do other than reading data from the navio.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, our Raspbian image is needed to work with Navio2. This is because distro requires a couple of heavy modifications for Navio2 that are quite complicated to be repeated.

You are correct about the reason of the error.

thanks for the reply. when i did a “sudo i2cdetect -y 1” today in the terminal i saw that the 0x77 address appeared with the pixl OS and i was able to run the python code for the barometer and get results but all the others addresses are still empty.

so then i installed the Navio recommended one and i get the same results of only seeing the 0x77 address, so the python code can’t pick up any gps or imu data, but it can for barometer. any thoughts on this?

thank you

Navio2 has only the barometer on I2C. Other sensors are on SPI. You can see how they are connected here:

Our image is base on Raspbian, so please check first with it. Maybe the stuff that you need already works on our image.