Navio+ UART TX RX logic voltage

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question on the logic level voltage of the TX and RX UART breakout on the Navio+. I see a 5v power supply pin but is the TX and RX level shifited 5V or is it 3.3v. I ask as I have a UartSBee from SeeedStudio and I can select the logic voltage on it but if its 3.3V RX and TX I need to find a way to supply it with 3.3V, plus I don’t want to fry it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

All logic levels on df13 ports are 3.3V, supply is 5V as stated on the board.

Thank you so much, I just wanted to check before I go and fry anything.

Is this also the case with the Navio2? I assume it is as the 3dr radios use 3.3v logic for rx/tx.



Yes, we simply route the UART from the Raspberry Pi. Logic levels are 3.3V.