Navio+ Shield STL Model Request

Hi Emlid staff,

Can you provide Navio+ shield 3D model in any format (STL or other)?

I’m drawing a purpose build RPi 2 case and I’ll share it.

Pedro Alves

Hi Pedro,

Let me work on it, I need to update some components models and will send stl to you.

Hi @igor.vereninov,
can you leave a message on this thread once you’re done ?


@ruigermano sure, It needs some polishing, but I will try to get to it as fast as I can.

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Look forward to that! I’ve got some ideas too on top of that. If you also add it to your Thingiverse account we can see who branches the design, then users can easily browse through available variants.

@Pedro_Alves1 @ruigermano @CodeChief

Just uploaded .STL to my GitHub, check it out!

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Nice! Found this Raspberry Pi 2 to go with it…

I’ll try them together, in theory they must line-up. If anyone knows of an official Pi2 STL that would be better?

By the way, board to board distance is 11mm. The adapter that comes with Navio+ is not included in the 3D model so you will need this number to make an assembly.


Thank you. I’ll keep you updated about my case development!

Thanks Igor.

@iverinov Great!! Can I ask you to upload the file in IGES or STP/STEP format please.

Thank you!

@Mauricio_Cancino here you go.

Sory for digging topic out. @igor.vereninov could you fix CAD files for Navio+?

I have huge problems with them on Inventor 2016, Inventor Fusion 2016 and Catia. - I tried everything I had to make it work. :slight_smile:

First easy to fix: One of the elements is outside the board, and you have extra connector on botom side.

More problems appear if you are trying to do body from it. Here are alot of missing surfaces - i.e. white connectors and LEDs sides.

Maybie you can export your model into body-based file - i.e. ipt or CatPart?