Navio rtk

I just bought Module NAVIO, and I want to use with RTK.
I want to use the module as a mobile NAVIO to retrieve GPS positions with centimeter accuracy.
I buy a TW 2105 antenna to a fixed point whose coordinates are known.

1- how to communicate ensembe 2 antennas (betwin) ?
2- we must have a second Navio module (fixed) or PC ?
3- if not should we use the coordinates of an existing antenna ?
4 - What max distance between the two antennas?
Thanks for your help,
Jean Marie


I am not really sure what you mean, so I’ll try to explain.
To use RTK, you need at least 2 GPS receivers - one static(base) and one moving(rover). Navio+RPi may act as either, but not at the same time. In some countries there are available public base stations , broadcasting their coordinates which cancel the need for a base receiver.

Communication between base and rover may be established in many different ways, including lan, internet and radio.

As for maximum distance, we recommend something around 10km.

Hello Egor,
Thank you for your response,
Currently in France, public say antennas are distant 60 km and with a range of + Navio, I would actually find a fixed base every 10 kms and retrieve these coordinates to me stay strictly public databases.
So at this time, although it takes me a new fixed base to continue working.
Finally, the accuracy of navio + RTK, mobile version from a fixed base is of the order of several cm?
Do I need in this case to use a second or any other navio + GPS antenna with a good base which I would serve.
Thank you for that.

Bonjour Egor,
Merci de votre réponse,

Je vous renvoie mon message en français car la traduction est aléatoire.
Actuellement en France les antennes publiques sont distantes de 60km environ.
J’ai lu que la portée de NAVIO+ équipée de l’antenne avait une portée de 10 kms.
Puis améliorer la portée de NAVIO+ en changeant l’antenne type TALLYSMAN modèle 3400 par ex.
Sinon ne serait il pas possible d’utiliser un deuxième NAVIO+ pour l’utiliser en base en le premier en mobile pour pouvoir m’éloigner de la station publique.
Je pourrais utiliser 2 NAVIO+ pour être autonome par rapport aux stations publique, mais est ce que j’aurais toujours la même précision.
Dans ce cas dois-je investir dans 2 nouvelles antennes pour les NAVIO+…
Dans l’attente de plus d’infos,