Navio RPi wifi access point

Hello! I just got my Navio2 + RPi2 up, running and configured, all up testing was successful and the steps towards first flight are progressing smoothly. I don’t own a dedicated GCS and broadcasting gear but my Pi2 has an EDIMAX wifi dongle in the USB which i used for a STRATUX project and it acted like an access point. I would like to so the same with this setup and have the Pi act as an access point to transmit telemetry over wifi. Is this possible? It would be downlink only to my laptop when in range.

I followed the directions from but linux networking is black magic to me.

and I have lost eth0. I also remapped the wlx1122334455 adapter name back to wlan0 for ease of use.

I am planning on getting a GCS set up with dedicated uplink/downlink and I just need save up for it.


Hi there, Crash!

Sure thing. Just use the create_ap project that is very easy to configure and you’re good to fly off an access point. That is kind of setup that I personally like to use.