Navio-rpi login?

I bought recently, a navio+ to install in a raspberry 2b . I have installed the navio image correctly on the SD card, but when you start my rpi connected to the TV to install APM firmware first thing they ask me login and password.
can someone tell me if this is normal ?

thanks in advance, my english its very bad.

Have you tried pi and raspberry? There is also a case that the keyboard wont work, you might need to ssh into it (using a program like putty). If the username pi doesnt show when you type it then the keyboard isnt working.

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The keyboard works perfectly. I can put the login you want and see it on screen, but my problem is not that I put.
I think I did something wrong at the beginning of the sd flash.
Blast initially completely formatted before installing and as I have read, sd with preinstalled OS carry a partition that I no longer have.
it may be that’s why you can not start or is it something else?


Hello and welcome!

To be honest I haven’t really understood what the problem is. You see the OS boot on the HDMI-connected TV, then you’re asked to enter login and password? That’s the expected behavior.

The login and password are as follows:

I guess, you were not working with linux before?
Start maybe with the raspbian docu:

If you cannot login the Rapsberry with wrong password :
For the Raspberry, locales are UK, you may have the Rapsberry setup for QWERTY keyboards.
If you have AZERTY keyboard try rqspberry as a password. Use the username prompt to figure out which key is which letter.
It might be the cause.


I’ve got the same problem, so when i boot the RPI2 with navio+ (that run with modify version of Raspbian PREMPT-RT) the graphic interface comes with login screen and when i wrote “pi” and “raspberry” for password (as default) the screen goes black for a time and goes back with the same screen!! I don’t know what happen (for precision the desktop is running with lightdm graphic interface)

Thank you so much for your responses and sorry a lot for my english!! (i’m french :slight_smile: and it’s too late )


I had the same problem and it can be done by SSH into your pi as opposed to launch it from your keyboards.

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