Navio+ / RP2 with emlid-raspbian-20160408 / max latency too high?

I have just updated my old setup ( navio+ & RP2 ) with the emlid-raspbian-20160408. The command:

sudo cyclictest -l1000000 -m -n -a0 -t1 -p99 -i400 -h400 -q


Total: 001000000
Min Latencies: 00010
Avg Latencies: 00015
Max Latencies: 00287
Histogram Overflows: 00000
Histogram Overflow at cycle number:
Thread 0:

the kernel is :

pi@navio:~/rt-tests $ uname -r

I remember I was getting a lower value for maxlatency before.
could you confirm if this is normal?
many thanks!

This is normal and expected. This will not result in any problems with Ardupilot.

ok, thank you :slight_smile: