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Navio + Raspberry + Socket.io + 4G + cloud server = Web-GCS

(Николай Л) #1

Hello pilots )

You can control your navio board and watch video from your own web-based GCS. It works on NodeJS and uses Socket.io to communicate with server and web-client.
It’s still under development, but you can give a try to test it.

Here are my repos:

(Mohammad Bhuyan) #2


Very much interested in your project. I would like to deploy and use it.

But I don’t have Russian language skill :frowning:

A basic instruction set in English will help me get started.


(Николай Л) #3


Thank you for interest )
It was made in a hurry, but English comments and instructions are coming soon.
Give me few days to fix it )

Can you please tell me what for you are going to use it? I’m planning to intergrate some of third-party services like DroneLogBook and DroneDeploy.

(Mohammad Bhuyan) #4

I want to use it with a rover bot I am building. Use case for it will be to enable remote (over internet) piloting, vehicle state monitoring / alert.

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