Navio+ Power Isues

Hi there,

I have my Navio+ up and running, but I seem to be having a power issue. I am powering the RPi and Navio via the power module, which seems to be working great (and also powers the USB modem I have hooked up). However, it doesn’t seem to power the RC receiver.

I tried adding a BEC and connecting to the servo rail, and this powers the RC receiver, but the USB device turns off. It stays off until I disconnect the BEC (ground issue?)

The documentation seems to indicate it is OK to have both a BEC and power module connected, but this seems not to be the case.

If I power with only the BEC, the USB device still doesn’t work.


This is expected behaviour. We do not power servo rail from the power module.

Could your BEC by any chance output voltage higher than 5.3V or lower than 4.7V? This might trigger overvoltage protection in your USB device. Does it provide enough current for USB device to work?

Thanks for the quick response. I am not sure, I’ll have to get my meter out and check. It is labeled as a 5V 3A UBEC, so it should be plenty (I only use a 2A “wall wart” adapter for testing and it powers everything fine)

Please also try a different power supply because Navio+ should be totally fine with powering everything from the servo rail.