Navio Power Header Blown

Hello All,

I am connecting my Navio+ to the Navio Power Module supply and that has been working. However recently it has stopped.

I measured the voltage out of the power module and its now around 2.7 volts. It has failed. This failure appears to have taken out the Navio+ power rail. I used another 5v source a px4 power supply and it also failed to power it.

I can power it via the USB and via the Servo rail.
So I was wondering are these power supplies protected via different chips? I checked the connector and it appears to be working. So is there anywhere else I can check?

I could not find a schematic of the Navio board and due to the matte black PCB it makes it quite hard to trace out.



So does anyone know which chip is or diode I could have blown?

The power coming from the power supply and voltage sensor is not powering my board any more.

Is the part on the board visibly damaged? You might be looking to replace M4 (DMG2305UX) or M3 (DMMT5401).