Navio on the Hummingboard

Hello Navio Users!

I just wanted to put it out there that I am working on Navio compatibility with the soild-run hummingboard.

While I am eagerly awaiting my Navio, has anyone else already set to work on this?

Hello Alex,
I tried to use Navio with the Hummingboard. I2C bus was accessible so I2C devices worked as expected, but by that time I wasn’t able to find any distro with SPI module, so I couldn’t test MPU9250 and U-blox. Currently, Igor Pečovnik made a Debian distro with SPI support, so it’s probably okay. You can find information about that distro here.

Hey Mikhail,

I have gotten all sensors except the MPU9250 working on the hummingboard. The sensor is quite weird, perhaps I’m not understanding correctly. It is an SPI device, but in the code there are multiple comments to I2C? Does this device use both buses?

MPU9250 is weird, agreed! It consists of two chips on the same dye - one is MPU6050 (accel and gyro) and another is AK8963 (mag). AK8963 is connected to MPU6050 over the internal I2C bus, so comments you’ve seen about I2C are probably describing something about the internal mag. In addition to that, MPU9250 can work both over SPI and I2C, but on Navio it is connected over SPI.