Navio on TBS Caipirinha

I’m a beginner into DIY drones. I have some experience with real plane piloting, quadcopter (DJI Phantom2) and also with computer software (my actual job).
I’m looking to create my own drone customized to my needs.

I want to try with something not too complicated since it’s the first drone I’m building, but I want it also to be evolvable in the future.
I want a wing to get the same sensations as flying a plane, at first I don’t care if I’m limited by the range but later on I want to be able to use a 4G modem for video, telemetry and control of the plane.

After looking into different websites, I found the TBS Caipirinha interesting.

I’ve seen that they are already selling kits but I would like to buy only the necessary parts I need.

Looking for your advices and help

Merry Xmas,


the Caipirinha is really small. Fitting all the parts into or more likely onto it will be hard.
It is made for a specific set of hardware that fits into the premolded pockets. Of course you can cut the foam to your liking, but cutting a pocket for a Raspberry Pi will remove a substantial part of the foam.
Putting the Pi/Navio on top of the Caipi will mess up the aerodynamics, I guess.
I would use a wing with a pod or fuselage, so all electronics can be put inside and be somewhat protected. A Skywalker X-6 or Hobbyking Skyray for example.
Good luck with your project,


Hi Sebastian
Thanks for your answer,
For sure I don’t want something where I need to cut the wing, I don’t have enough experience to mess with that.
I’ve looked at the 2 models you mentioned and they seem like a little big for me, so I’m not sure. Are there any thing closer to the size (wingspan mainly) of the caipi ?


Since you have experience with man carrying aircraft, you understand the problem with wingloading. The more weight you add to a given airframe, the more speed you need to get it flying, until you reach a point where it will not fly anymore.
The smaller the airframe, the narrower that window will be.
Why are you set on such a small wing?
1200 to 1500mm is not that big and both of my suggedtions have removable wings.

I was looking for something compact to carry on (I live in the city, so I need to get out by bus to make it fly), so this was my main concern with bigger wings.

Anyway I still need to do some research and define exactly what I want to achieve. It’ll take at least a good month :slight_smile: