Navio+ on RPi2 - pigpio initMboxBlock(): init mbox zaps failed

Hi there,
I have a RPi2 and a standard Raspbian, because your image wasn’t booting.
I compiled the pigpio library from master and then compiled your ArduPilot branch.
When I start the firmware it seems like pigpio fails to initialize,
as initMboxBlock() is a function in this library.
What can be the problem?

sudo ./ArduCopter.elf

Raspberry Pi 2 with BCM2709!
2015-04-19 15:45:49 initMboxBlock: init mbox zaps failed
Can’t initialise pigpio library
socket connect failed
socket connect failed
No pigpio interface for RCInput

Hi @dgrat I successfully used the RPi2 emlid raspian image just a few days ago. How did you write the image to your SD-Card?

Okay, I just tested with the new RPi2 image and it seems to work.
Initially I tried to use the RPi1 image with RT kernel, which failed.
Then I switched back to the standard Raspbian with normal kernel and now I saw, there is a new RT image for RPi2 :slight_smile:
But what was the problem? Is it the kernel?

I don’t really know why you get this error. It’s just a wild guess though, did you load the required kernel modules for I2C / SPI? I’m not shure if pigpio takes care of that. You can easily make them autoload on startup with "raspi-config"
The emlid image has this on by default.

Yes these modules have been loaded.