Navio+ on beaglebone?

Any chance of national on beaglebone black ? It is very similar to rp but so much better.

Highly unlikely. There is a Pixhawk Fire Cape for Beaglebone, but it seems like it’s getting abandoned.

BBB may be better in some areas like wider communication capabilities, but it’s definitely not “just better”. RPi has higher performance, proper Linux support (BBB was struggling with WiFi for too long) and much bigger user community.

I was also thinking about to test the BBB. But the price and a look into the repo made decision easy.

BBB is equivalent to RasPi v1, maybe they have a new version then it could be worth it.

However what would be worth supporting officially, are the variants to the Raspberry Pi 2 which are already on the market. For example the “Bannana Pi M2” and “Orange Pi 2”. Check this out:

Quite compelling really; the difference in performance and price! Perhaps Navio+ already works on them. But I guess your Real Time Linux OS image is not going to run on them, as they have different chipsets for some of the peripherals?

@CodeChief the main problem with all those RPi clones is poor software support - peripheral drivers can be absent or buggy or not compatible with RT patch. Plus some boards can’t even properly replicate the mechanics of the RPi - they have mounting holes in different places, huge connectors getting in the way and so on:)

Good point. I suppose it’s worth paying a bit extra or having a little less speed for the proper equipment. On second thoughts it’s highly unlikely Microsoft would support such clones either. So as you know I’m into the MS IoT stuff that puts be off even more now. :no_entry_sign: