Navio Noobie Questions - Python Version and Pigpio

A couple of quick noobie questions…

  • What version is the python code and libraries - 2.x or 3.x?

  • I see references to PIGPIO in the documentation, Does this mean that servo PWM control is managed directly via the Raspberry PI (consuming lots of resource) or by the Navio itself freeing resource from the RPI?

Hi @deepsouth,

Both python versions are installed on our raspbian image.

PWM control is accomplished by Navio2. Navio2 uses RCIO firmware to manage PWM outputs.

As for PIGPIO tool, it just allows working with RPi GPIO pins directly.

Thanks Tatiana

Just checking…can I build my own RPI image and manually load the Emil’s libraries on to it?

Say I want to trial Buster on RPI 4 (which you don’t support yet) with a GUI and NodeRed installed?


I’d recommend using pi-gen tool to build your custom Navio2 image.

Our kernel source code might be useful as well.

As for providing RPi 4 support, you hardly can implement it yourself as it requires editing the RCIO code that isn’t open source.

Thanks Tatiana for the clarification.

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