NAVIO+ log file

Hello, fellow EMLID supporters,

I have just received my board and after setting it all up and getting to test the basic functionalities and its connectivity with telemetry, via Internet and radio, I had a little doubt. One of my ideas for the board was to use it as a data acquisition board to evaluate the performance of some of our aircraft here at my university, not necessarily having the intention of connecting servos or even motors to the board to control them, but I couldnt get the board to log its movements onto the /var/…/logs/ directory by only initializing the ardupilot code. Im not interested in the tlog saved by mission planner or apm planner, I want the board log file, in case I dont even want to use a telemetry radio.

Thank you in advance.

Hope to make some really cool projects with this amazing product.

I believe arducopter by default logs only after the copter is armed, so if you are not connecting any motors, you will not be able arm, thus unable to log? Also, inmission planner you can check by clicking on the logs tab and see the available log files that can be downloaded.

Would that be an easier task if I chose ArduPlane? Can I just arm the motors without having any available?

I checked the available logs and I do believe that they come from the /var/…/logs/ directory, so it’d be the same.

Thank you for your answer. :smile:

In MP, you can disable all pre arm checks, which will then allow you to arm without rc, motors, etc.

The solution for my problem, just to keep it here, was changing the parameter ARMING_CHECK from 1 (default) to 0. Just to make it clear, it’s not safe to use it as an autopilot after that tweak.

Thank you for the insigth, @keithc! :sunglasses:


A more safe solution would be to set logging parameter to “full+disarmed” .

I’ll try that, @ivereninov. Would that be in the LOG BITMASK parameter? A weird thing here is that the board only log once and then I need to reboot the whole system to get it to work again, any insights on that? And the LED does not change even when I get a GPS fix.