Navio+ Image to Navio2 Comaptibility


Well, finally the worst happened and I somehow accidentally powered the servo rail on my Navio+ with 16.2v instead of 5v. This resulted in a dead Navio+ AND a dead RPi2. They both just light up and do nothing. Plugged the Navio+ into a different new RPi2 it’s not recognized.

To make things worse I’ve done a lot of development on the Navio+ image, and don’t want to get a Navio2 only to have to load a new image and start over.

To make things EVEN worse (how is this possible) I can’t find a Navio+ available ANYWHERE for sale. They are all sold out and/or only offering the Navio2 instead.

So I guess the question is, either:

A) is there somewhere I can get a new Navio+?
B) is there a way to repair the Navio+ I have after accidentally over volting the servo rail?
C) am I just screwed and have to get a Navio2, burn a new image, and repeat months of development work :frowning:


Did you use the same SD-Card on the new RPi2?

Does it boot at all?
I did something like this once, but without a Navio and it just destroyed the SD-Card.

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The SD card does fully boot on a different RPi 2 so I think its fine. I get an internet connection and everything. I have a bootup script that starts ArduCopter-quad. On boot, it clearly has not started after running pgrep ArduCopter-quad with no reply. Then I manually tried running it by just typing the command.

When I boot the card on the new RPi with the Navio+ it looks like its going to start and then the code tries to send a message to the Barometer with a return error stating:
PANIC: AP_Baro::read unsuccessful for more than 500ms in AP_Baro::calibrate [2]

I’ve never seen this warning and there is a solid light on the Navio+ which never goes away, which tells me something is shorted.

Which leads me to believe that both the Navio+ AND the RPi2 died.

So the SD card seems fine. It was a sad day :frowning: Hopefully I can somehow get the Navio+ repaired or find another one (or two!). Otherwise, I’m going to have to get a Navio2 (assuming they are available currently) and try to remember all the work I’ve done on the Navio+ and port it over.

Hi Jeremy,

I have a brand new never used NavIO+
Didin’t have the time to use it
Let me know if you are interested