Navio+ How to connect HD Action Cam via USB?

Hi guys,

I got my Navio+ in december, my goal is to have a 4G LTE FPV drone and I am working on my free time on it. It would be ok to call me a beginner :smile:

For now everything is working fine (ESCs, engines, wlan connection to APM Planner, R/C control is a Graupner MX12 + modified receiver, but will be hacked into 2,4 GHz).

I want to transfer the video stream from an HD action cam via LTE to the ground station, but have to clue how to connect the cam to the raspberry pi. I was told that I need this cable but I don’t even know how the output format is called. Is that composite?

Most important to me is the question, how do I connect it?

Sorry for asking such basic questions, but I guess you guys can point me to the right directions?!

Best regards,

Not that cable, it would only be good for the classic analog FPV via a separate transmitter.

To do what you want the action cam must support a “webcam mode”. Failing that buy a cheap PC webcam and connect directly via USB. Look for one which is supported in the Linux realtime Linux build that we use for Navio.

Check this thread out for a working example: My next build!