Navio+ Hardware configuration question

what does: “Only one ESC central wire should be connected to Navio+ otherwise BECs built in ESCs will heat each other.” actually means?

It means only one esc with power should run into the Navio board. The board would heat up due to so much power going into it. The board is not able to dissipate that much power.

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Thats for switching regulators only, Linear regulators “should” be ok. (you’d have to look up your ESC/BEC to check).

@adric Navio+ does not care if you connect all BECs, it is a general advice to save your ESC/BEC. In some cases current could flow from output of one BEC, to output of another, which potentially could lead to excessive heating.

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Igor I have a doubt, Can I use Opto ESC to connect to Navio+ directly and use and external BEC to connect to Navio+ as well? Which port can I use to do it, if PPM and 1 - 4 ports are connected(Currently quad is my configuration ?



Sure! Simply plug the external BEC in any spare channel.