Navio gyro wrong way

Hi! i recently got my pi connected and apm planner 2.0(im using a mac) up and running when i realized that the pitch is set so when i tilt my quad down the pitch go up(it’s reversed). this would be a small problem if it werent for me building an fpv quad. So does any one know a way to fix this problem?

You have to set AHRS_orientation according to how you mounted the RPi/Navio+. Default orientation is USB/Ethernet pointing to the front of the vehicle. If you have the servo connectors at the front, you have to set AHRS_orientation=4 (yaw 180°)

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when i type “sudo set AHRS_orientation=4 (yaw 180)” I get the error of -bash: syntax error near unxpected token `( '
Any idea what im doing wrong?

Actually you have to set it using Missionplanner or APMplanner. It would be a good starting point to read the Wiki at