Navio+ GPS issue

Hi all

I am figuring a really strange behaviuors on the GPS unit of my Navio+ board.
As soon I start Arducopter-quad -C /dev/ttyAMA0 no satelite can be seen by the device: gps status turn to 1, but hdop is fixed to 99,99 and no satelite counting.

But, If I first connect Navio+ to u-center

git clone 
cd Navio/Utilities/ublox-spi-to-tcp 
./ublox-spi-to-tcp 5000

then killing the process and launching APM, I can easly connect via Mission planner and hdop can be down to 1.2 and 12 satelite visible.

Disconnecting battery and restarting Pi the problem is there again… Any idea???

Hi Boxerone,

It takes a couple of minutes for GPS to fix, are you sure that what you are observing isn’t just time related? It is very unlikely that launching u-center somehow helps the GPS lock.

Hi Igor

tested almost dozen of times, always same problem: as long as I am running Arducopter no matter of the time, the GPS fix won’t come up even after 20 minutes…
As soon as I start u-center the fix can be acquired in few second…

Sounds like issue I was having. And I still found no solution for it. It even affected an external GPS after some boots. With an APM2.5 the very same GPS got an immediate fix. Do you run anything else together with Arducopter?

no, just stock media as downloaded from the website…

Not sure if related but what I’m seeing is that I can get a GPS fix when the rpi is powered with the usb cable only. If I power the device any other way such as the power module, i get get HDOP of 100, no fix and mission planner just bounces on the map while waiting for a fix.