Navio+ GPS 9 sats is it normal?

Hello Emlid, my Navio+ is mounted on a quadcopter with latest raspbian and ardupilot firmware, also a CCD camera, a Immersion 600mw VTX and a SIK 100mw radio as part of the quad. During tests outside i have 9 sats as you can see on the pics, comparing with the Pixhawk 2.1 Here+ GPS which shows me 19 sats at the same place and same time of the day. Yes it is flying fine, just to clarify the diference between the 2 system and if 9 sats is ok for Navio+. I would like to hear other`s opinion also. Maybe i am doing anything wrong so it is time to fix. Thanks.

You could have more sats with better antenna placement: The large antenna (Immersion VTX ?) is radiating other the GPS one.



As you can see in the picture the VTX conector is not on, and the LED is OFF, that means it wasn`t affecting the GPS signal at that moment, i did another test today with the SIK radio disconected and i am getting the same results.
My point is comparing to other M8N Ublox GPS is 9 sats ok? My hexacopter with a Pixhawk 2.1 GPS unit M8N, a HERE+ gets 18, 19 sats with a 2000mw boscan VTX right next to it, which is not affecting it at all.

How many sats you get on your system? On which setup?

Thanks Marc

I have two GPS: the Navio2 integrated and another M8N.

Both are configured with GPS+GLONASS+SBAS (EGNOS) at 5Hz. External M8N is on a mast, Navio GPS antenna is on the frame, at the opposite of the 3DR 433Mhz radio (with antenna looking down).

Usually I have a better quality on the External GPS, as I drop one or two sats from time to time with the Navio GPS. Average sats is above 15.

You should look at your GPS parameters in Mission Planner. Maybe you are only working with GPS without GLONASS. There is also a GPS passthrough utility in Navio software to check the settings.


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Marc thanks a lot, i`ve looked at the config and it was “leave as currently configured”(i dont know what it means) i have set it now to GPS+GLONASS+SBAS as you mentioned, during the tests now i see 13 sats droping to 11 eventually, even with 13 sats my HDOP keeps on 1.1 which is a little high comparing with other systems, i will keep an eye on it, i really appreciate your help.
If EMLID make available a better antena i will get it. Also i checked on Ucenter, it gets locked on the ucenter while on Mission planner it is not, do know why it is much faster lock on ucenter then on Mission planner?

I did another test and now i got better results, oscilanting between 12 and 14 sats, HDOP 0.8 which is ok for me. Thanks again Marc.

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