Navio+ for an autonomous rc car

I got a school project where i will creating an autonomous robot to navigate thru certain paths and need an accurate gps but most i have been finding are around 2-3 meter accuracy which is alot for sidewalk until i found navio+ where i have some questions.

I see that alot of reference of rtk and navio+, would i need extra hardware than the navio+ antenna and the raspberry pi? How accurate is this?

Can someone briefly explain rtk, i have been reading but its all to technical

thanks in advance


It is impossible to simultaneously use APM autopilot and RTKLIB on Navio+ due to the resource conflict.
Also, RTK will work poorly in a city landscape.
You could use sonars to avoid collisions and tune APM to drive slowly and carefully.

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Thanks for the response.

I wouldn’t be using the apm autopilot, i would be writing all the code however i just want the most precise gps to get accurate reading to make it easier to maintain within the sidewalk.

Then you just add a Reach (if you want pure devices) or other GPS with RTK to your ground station and use some kind of communication between. Wifi seems the most obvious.

Other things I’ve been looking into recently for non-GPS positioning, is a new standard called IPS (Indoor Positioning System) which would actually work anywhere else. With IPS you just need to define some fixed points, e.g. known Bluetooth, Wifi or whatever radio points around a shopping centre. I suppose it’s similar to RTK but with any kind of radio.

But a lot of that is so new (to the consumer market) I think using 1cm accurate RTK GPS is likely to be the easiest/have the most information/tools to get you started.

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Im sorry if this is a dumb question but i would have to buy 2 reaches, one for the autonomous vehicle and another 1 for the base to transmit correct or is there another way around it? Im a student and dont have that large of a budget

Do you know pricing and availability? I have been looking but haven’t really seen anything

Do you know if there is a doc showing setups and functionality?

Thanks in advance

This is exactely that i want !
Use the Navio+ and a Mission Planner or other with Reach
Could you explain us, please
Thanks a lot