Navio+ examples not working

I bought a Navio+ a few years ago. I never installed it as a flight controller until a few days ago, it’s just been sitting in a box. I’m using it with a raspberry pie 2 model b. The Navio examples used to work, when I first purchased it, but none of the examples work now. I’m lost, I’ve spent alot of time on this!

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Just to double-check: have you cloned the examples for Navio+ from this GitHub repo? I myself confused a couple of times and cloned the repo for Navio2. Its examples may not work properly with Navio+.

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I am using the Navio repo and not the Navio2. I have the latest OS image, Buster. All the samples worked fine a few years ago when I first got Navio+. It just sat in a box until a few weeks ago.

Hi Kevin,

I see. Can you show me step-by-step how you run the examples and the output in the terminal?

I ran the C++ LED with these results.

This is from the python LED

Hi Kevin,

I’ll try to reproduce it. I’ll let you know about the results soon.

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to quickly follow up here. We’ve found out that LED example in Python really doesn’t give the correct result. There are a couple of examples that have issues as well. We’re in touch with the devs about it now.

Still, all the C++ examples work just fine. Is it correct for you?

The C++ examples do not work either. The LED did not change colors with the C++.


I see, that’s what we need to look closely at. Could you please specify which folder you use for the example source? There may be a confusion between the older Navio+ folder which is archived and the recent Navio2 folder that contains the examples for Navio+, too.

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