Navio based on Raspberry pi 4 compute model

i beleive the Pi 4 compute model arrived with new form factor and open sourced dev board.

many companies stared throwing a LOT of custom boards including ones for drones integrated with Pixhawk standard

i believe navio best fit for this model instead of a normal HAT. Navio board based on compute model gives all the flexibility that is needed for a drone:

  • more compact
  • add second camera connector !
  • remove unnecessary connectors that does not make sense for a drone e.g. second HDMI
  • add antenna connectors instead of the internal antenna
  • eMMC Flash memory instead of SD
  • PCIe for external communication link e.g. based on SDR ( there are few out there!)
  • have custom battery connector e.g. XT60 and internal circuits to power the board instead of the USB input.

and many more. what do you think. does it make sense

Hi @Abu_Abdullah

At the moment, we don’t have such plans. However, thanks for the suggestion! It’s noted.