Navio+ back in stock!

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Today we have shipped all backorders and Navio+ boards are now in stock! Thank you for your patience and understanding, several holidays had affected manufacturing and delivery times for this batch.

When you receive your Navio+ make sure to share your project :smiley:


Perhaps it’s to remember the European clients that, because shipping of those boards happens from HongKong, you’ll have to pay duties (20% VAT + handling fees) before you can receive them. I was a bit surprised to get the communication from DHL asking me for 61 euros (the cost when you buy the combo Navio+, power cable, etc). It’s not something you (emlid) control of course, but it’s good to know before hand.
Having said that, I believe the device and support we get is worth every penny :slight_smile:

@ruigermano That is a good point! We have just sent a bunch of boards to our distributor RobotShop. They have stock in EU as well!

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@ivereninov That’s good. I had a look a RobotShop and the full kit price, with VAT included, seem around the same as the pre-tax price paid on your shop.
Thanks for the info.

The price in EUR in the RobotShop seems to be reasonable. It says 187 EUR excl. tax and 224 EUR inc. tax. Does anyone know whether they really ship from within EU so that the price incl. VAT really is the final price for EU deliveries? They seem to have an address in France according to their contacts…

I have directed your questions to RobotShop :smile:

@kozuch I asked myself the same question. This is the answer i got from their support. Hope it’s really true same goes for the price :slight_smile: I ordered yesterday they promised delivery on the 25th.


We wish to inform you that all orders being placed trough our European web site are shipped form our France location.



The support ticket ID was ZEN-585-43039 in case there is a different opinion from someone else.

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Sweet, I was just going to ask if RobotShop was an authorized reseller. Good to know I can get US shipping if I ever need another one.

For anyone wondering, here is response from RobotShop:

all orders placed through the RobotShop European website are shipped from France and therefore are free of custom fees. All taxes are included in the product price including VAT on our website.


Just to confirm. I recieved my Navio from Robotshop that I ordered in their Europe store. It was indeed shipped from France. Took about 5 days to Germany via La Poste/DHL after it was back in stock.