Navio apm port to linux

Guy’s we are working in parallel with the guy’s at DronesDiscuss google group they are doing a port to BeagleBone Black.
There are some differences we will have to work out. They are planning to take advantage of the 2 auxiliary processors on the BBB to handle some of the loops and we wont be doing that.

So we will have to get the Pi working in a near Hard realtime mode to handle the sensor loops or we will have to go with a hard realtime OS like QNX.

So we have our work cut out for us.


QNX is good, but it is not as user friendly as Linux is and would complicate the process of working with user payloads.

Kernel that comes with Raspbian is configured for PREEMPT.
That may suffice in many cases, but to push it to the max kernel has to be cofigured for RT_PREEMPT.

Here’s a good explanation how these two differ:

Latency comparison of standard Raspbian kernel and Xenomai kernel:

Looks better there that sounds like a good start. Ok I start playing with Xenomai.

I am going to install the Xenomai on my Raspberry Pi.

Building an RPi Xenomai Kernel.

We have made a lot of progress with our mission control (Ground Station) When this is complete we will begin development with the Navio. Congrats on the Indegogo! And it looks like progress is being made. Can’t wait to get to work on the Navio!

Team Prometheus

I’m trying to understand how it works navio. I think that the card works with APM software and then ported.
I do not know if it is installed on the imu or raspberry.

There are a lot of ports being worked on at this time to get APM to run on Linux. That work should make porting to R-Pi and compatibles much easier.
The way Navio work it is using Linux on the R-Pi WITHOUT an external processor, so the code runs on the R-Pi and uses the much like the arduino on the APM.