Navio and Raspberry Compute Module

Hi, Emlid

Do you have any plan to redesign your Navio+ around Raspberry Compute Module (Compute Module Archives - Raspberry Pi)? If yes, would you care to share this plan with us?

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We are thinking about it, but at the moment there is only the single-core compute module and it’s not an interesting option.


Can you please describe what is needed to connect Navio2 to the latest Raspberry Compute Module (with Broadcom BCM2837 processor). What are the issues?

What is needed is a huge mess of wires - which is also the issue.

Thanks Mikhail, so I can make this work? This is actually good news!
Could you please provide me a wiring diagram. I need to test the 4 lane CSI. I am a big fan of EMLID and Navio2. Regards

In theory - yes, but this may not be very straightforward.
Basically you need to reimplement standard RPi’s header and connect everything there:

But you may also stumble upon the need to edit device tree, and maybe something else.