NAVIO+ and MinimOSD


I was wondering if anyone has used the NAVIO+ with the MinimOSD module? I see with the pixhawk you can use the TELEM2 port for the OSD display. Can you use the MinimOSD on the UART port of the NAVIO+ or do you need to use a different port?

I was thinking that I could use the camera module on the PI and output the video to an OSD module and then a video transmitter. Any thoughts?


I did not use the MinimOSD with the Navio, but since it uses mavlink telemetry, it should work on the UART or on USB with a USB to TTL adapter.
I use the RPi Camera and transmit the AV signal from the RPi via a FPV transmitter, it works like any other camera. As long as the RPi Camera is off, you see the console output or X screen of the RPi.
If you start the camera it switches to fullscreen live video.
Playback only and Ardurover.elf at the same time work without a problem, but with video recording to the sdcard, live video starts to stutter and lag.

Very nice. That’s what I would like to do. I was hoping to be able to record to SD card. Which RPi board are you using? Maybe the RPi 2 will be able to record with the extra CPU power?

I was also thinking how hard it would be to build an OSD app that takes the telemetry output and overlays the info on the RPi camera video. That would eliminate the MinimOSD board all together.

I am using the RPi B+. I have the RPi 2 lying around and I am waiting for the realtime image for it.
I am counting on the extra processing power, too.
The OSD app is really a great idea. I am not a programmer myself, but I have a look around, if someone already did something like this.