Navio+ 40 pin RPI - available gpio pins?

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I guess this question should be in FAQ or documentation, but which exactly gpio pins On RPI 2 I can use without causing problems for Navio+?

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Hello Sergey!

GPIOs that are on DF13 connectors are not used by the APM. We’ll update docs accordingly.

Thank you George for your reply!

Actually I’ve found this answer already on the forum, but to me it 's tricky, due to I don’t know the abbreviation of DF13, unfortunately.

I’m attaching schematic of GPIO for RPI 2.0 revision and I would really appreciate your reply about GPIOs numbers or a little explanation about meaning of DF13.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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DF13 is just a connector type. The pins numbers you can use are on the backside of the board. You can connect to them using a supplied connector or just use the corresponding pins on the GPIO header.

Feel free to ask. We’re always here to help you out.

I’m so sorry, but I’m not getting it and scared to burn out something.
Are you refering to 13 pins which are for servo control on Navio?
Or just to all 40 GPIO pins RPI originally have?


Here’s an image that might help you!

To connect these wires you can use the appropriate connectors on the Navio. Under these connectors you can see some numbers like ION printed out. Where N refers to the GPIO N on the header. You can use any of these pins.

I hope it’s clearer now!

On the UART header GPIO 17 and 18 are available and on the SPI header GPIO 24 and 25 are available. If you look on the bottom of the NAVIO+ you can see the labels.If you got the wire pack the wires are as follows.

GND - Black
IO17 - Brown
IO18 - Green
RX - Yellow
TX - White
5V - Red



Thank you very much for respond - it’s 200% clear to me now!
But I’ve to vote for adding a few more gpio to be just on a side to control a few simple switches (bump switch as an example)

There are other gpio pins available just not on the NAVIO+ board. You would have to use something like a shim board.

Wow! Thank you Slackr!
Doing so is not a problem at all!
But can you please let me know which ones will stay available in case say all of the functions of Navio+ are used?
Thank you in advance!

Not connected to anything in Navio+:
29 - GPIO5
31 - GPIO6
33 - GPIO13
35 - GPIO19
36 - GPIO16

Amazing quick respond! Thanks!

After rover will be fully finished will submit all the details here… now it’s all about programming!

PS: Спасибо!

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know - there is a nice solution to use I2C gpio extender like MCP23017, which connects nicely and can sort out anyone’s need in GPIO (I use it for bump switches and led control).
Hope this will help someone!