Good evening, everyone, I’m new is, I wonder if any of you have ever made a hexacopter with Navio 2 and raspberry pi 4?

I have an octoquadX with Navio2 and Pi4 4Gb with latest EmlidRaspbian image.

Pi 4 8gb is not compatible with EmlidRaspbian.

Thanks, how do you feel with this configuration? Did you also include a collision control management?

I have a Benewake TFminiS for altitude control using UART on a spare Navio2 testbed (quadcopter). Result is conform to expectations.

I intend to install one or more on my OctoQuad but UART and I2C are populated with external compass and GPS. I will have to rely on USB with serial adapters and it is not the easiest way.

I like it but due to motor-esc performance, I’m still with arducopter 3.5.7 (latest version working with oneshot125 on navio2). It is a limitation.

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