NAVIO 2 with reach

hi emlid team
just want to ask that are you successful with full reach integration with with APM . i want to integrate REACH with NAVIO 2 and i couldn’t find any docs till now . can you please tell me the procedure for it .

@Vishal_Rana Yes, they can be used together. Docs are here, connect to UART and run with second GPS argument (-E /dev/ttyAMA0).

Hi @mikhail.avkhimenia
I have connected a 3DR radio in my pi usb and a rover in the UART of navio2(navio2 is attached to pi as given in docs) , what command should i give in the pi to run these settings ?
does it matter in which usb port is my 3DR radio connected(like in USB0 or USB1)?
Below is the connections that I have done


Something like sudo ArduCopter -A udp:<ip>:<port> -C /dev/ttyUSB0 -E /dev/ttyAMA0 should do.

Since Navio is your product as well as reach, why docs are about pixhawk integration?


I thought the command to enable 2 nd gps began with either -B or -E

I have been trying to connect my reach to my Navio2 all day with no success.