Navio 2 with Reach / Fix vs. NoFix / Optical Flow / IMU


I have several questions and thought I would summarize them to one post:

I look to positoin a drone very accurately during a waypoint mission,
and the drone shall reach the same waypoint accurately during the next mission again.

  1. I have seen the integration tutorial for the Navio 2 with the Pixhawk.
    Very basic question therefore, does the Navio 2 work with the Reach module too?

  2. What happens, e.g. during an auto waypoint mission or manual mode,
    when the RTK / GPS fix gets lost? In the docs you write that a fix barely stays all the time during the mission. Would the drone move rapidely within the HDOP range of the GPS when the RTK fix gets lost?
    I assume it could go anywhere within a 3m Diameter.

  3. In industrial applications, redundancy is good / required.
    And since the Navio 2 runs on the Raspberry Pi 3, can a flow camera,
    e.g. with the Raspberry Pi Camera 2 be implemented /supported in the long run?

This would give redundancy to a mission / navigation when the GPS / RTK Fix is lost I would assume.

  1. On the Pixhawk there is a Flow Camera available and the Reach works on the Pixhawk as well,
    anyhow, as far as I know, Mission Planner / APM is not capable of fusing the GPS data with PX4Flow.
    That is why I was keen on the Raspberry supporting optical flow.

  2. When connecting the Reach either to the Navio 2 or the Pixhawk,
    will it bring a secondary / external compass ?

I understand that the IMU onboard the reach is not activated yet. Any information on when that will be the case?

Thank you so much,



anybody willing to answer this briefly :slight_smile:

Yes, sure!

It will just give normal single GPS precision. This usually happens if correction link is lost. Most of the time it will be RTK fix or RTK float.

Yes, that will be very interesting to do.


No estimation at the moment. There are higher priority features for Reach at the moment.