Navio 2 With Raspberry PI3 new model B+

I use a couple of Navio2’s for some hobby projects and wanted to know if the Navio2 Stretch images are compatible with the new B+ model of RPI3.




There is a newer model of the RPi 3. It is the B+ not B. 1.4GHz, 2.4/5GHz Wifi, “gigabit” (300mbps) ethernet etc.

Ah, good catch. I didnt notice that + . My bad

3B+ just appeared so we had no time to test it yet.
We will, of course, try it when we get it.
I expect no problems with compatibility, RPi is really great with that, but maybe it will require some small software update.

I’ve tried out the new raspberry pi 3 B+ and the Emile Strech Rasbian OS, the boot up results in the Rasberry pi rainbow boot screen. So I suppose as you mentioned it may need some software update.

I’ll need to buy another raspberry pi 3 B to get started on my Navio 2 for the time being.

Thought I would share my findings.

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thanks all, i think will keep the RPI3 older model for now till folks in Emlids get a chance to test this.

@mikhail.avkhimenia Any updates?

I managed to get it to boot by replacing bootcode.bin, start* and fixup* in the boot partition, but networking does not work because the kernel doesn’t have the correct drivers.

Replacing entire boot partition from standard raspbian works, but then ardupilot doesn’t because of missing hardware.

Working on it. We’ll post an update when it’s ready.

Any update on this? Just ordered a Navio2 to replace a PXFmini which does have at least a test package for 3b+. Should I cancel my order and go back to Erle Robotics?


We’re testing the image (including the flight tests). ETA is next week.

While you are at it can you work on releasing the newer ardupilot copter and plane versions?

Waiting eagerly on the new B+ image. I ordered a B+ model to try now :slight_smile:
pl make sure the ROS packages are pulling from the right sources.

@mikhail.avkhimenia - is the image available somewhere for the new B+ ? even a beta image would be nice.

Guys, here’s the new release with updated ArduPilot and Model 3B+ support.

This is great, thanks !

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