Navio 2 vs Pixhawk

I am currently using Pixhawk Auto Pilot controller but I have plans of buying a Navio 2. So I would like to know what are the differences between the two.


It’s better than the comparison with Navio+

New with Navio 2 is that it has SBUS support with a co-processor (full hardware PWM in and out) and some newer chips with dual IMUs.

Navio2 sounds great on paper. In reality - not so great. There is too much interference with the compass, IMUs, etc. A lot of people switch to having external compass, even GPS. My navio2 build behaves erratically, sometimes it flies as it should, sometimes it goes crazy and does not respond to TX input.
I ordered a Pixhawk 2 with the cube. Pixhawk still has an option to utilize extra processing power from Ordroid (at least 3DR pixhawk does).