Navio 2 Video Streaming Over Radio Telemetery

I am new to using the Navio 2 so apologies for the basic questions.
I have a project where I need to stream video over radio telemetry (no wifi connection) to a ground control station (GCS - most likely mission planner or qgroundcontrol) and was wondering what hardware I need. I have a SiK telemetry kit operating at 433MHz currently to use a controller. Am I still able to use GStreamer? The documentation for GStreamer isn’t too helpful

That would be an interesting project, but I don’t think the bandwidth of the radios allows to transfer even the lowest quality video stream.

Okay thanks for the reply! So would we need a separate radio at a higher frequency to transmit the video?

Usually the bandwidth goes up with the frequency and the range goes down for a given transmit power.
It is not clear what the goal of the project is. You could use different types of AV (FPV) transmitters. The most common type today is operating in the 5.8GHz frequency range. They only operate in one direction, but some can use the audio channel or some parts of the video signal to send telemetry from the vehicle to the groundstation.
There is also the EZ-Wifibroadcast project. It uses wifi hardware to transmit digital (HD) video.
EZ-Wifibroadcast does not use a wifi connection, the transmitter sends out the video (and telemetry) data and any receiver on the same frequency can receive the signal. They also support a RC-Control backcannel.

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